is a folk artist and witch-mage working across visual, sound and performance art.

Bint Al-Shalabiya is an interdisciplinary folk artist, witch-mage and experimental musician interested in the juxtaposition of the sacred and profane. Bint explores contemporary applications of traditional esoteric + cultural technologies – using sound, performance and folk art.

Across all mediums, her work heavily incorporates motifs, methods and materia informed by early childhood training in Islamic art as well as her Egyptian, South Asian and Moorish ancestries.  She occasionally presents, speaks and teaches on subjects of Islamic metaphysics. While her current focus weighs heavier on practices of Islamic folk magic, her background as an Initiate is deeply grounded in western ceremonial magick, sufism, hermetic qabalah and thelema. Select recent lectures and workshops and links could be found on the NEWS page or listed in CV below. 

As a visual artist, Bint works across many mediums and is deeply influenced by her training since childhood in traditional Islamic art, which the artist still continues to study abroad (Turkey, Palestine, Spain, Israel, Egypt). It is common for many pieces to end up in the third dimension, inspired by her early work in Hollywood costuming and prop design.

As a performance artist, she is interested in work that involves, challenges and provokes the audience out of the passive emotional state default to viewership– as historically demonstrated by the Futurists, Actionists and various radical Sufi sects (e.g. Qalandaris). With an early background in fringe and street art circles, the artist still tends to prefer street-style performance and public rituals as a method of confronting and interacting with audiences. Her choices of movement and choreography are deeply rooted in over a decade as a trained dancer.

Her visual and performance art has been featured in galleries and stages around the US, most notably for Black Sabbath, Coachella Music & Arts Festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival and at the Manly P Hall Institute of Philosophical Research.

2021    Mareekh مريخ - Multimedia Martial Talisman, film screening + artist panel, Astromagia Conference

2021    Mareekh مريخ - Multimedia Martial Talisman, multimedia sound art installation, Los Angeles, CA

2021    For the Women Girt with the Sword, Cassette tape installation and video art, Coaxial Media Arts                Festival, curated by FemSynthLab, Los Angeles, CA

2021    Tracking, Live art w/ sound and spoken word, Los Angeles, CA

2017    Transmuting Dross, Mural painting installation w/ live noise
            performances, Elwood Arts Complex, LA, CA

2016    Of Crows & Nightingales, street performance series. Video by Snakebite Cortez, LA 

2015    Of Crows & Nightingales, Installation, Downtown LA Artwalk

2014    Conjoined IV: A New Beginning, performance installation for Eye Level Studio,
            Copro Gallery, LA, CA  (Curated by Chet Zar)

2015    7Star Sun: Air, 3D-mapped projection and movement performance, The Vortex Dome,
            Downtown LA, CA

2015    7Star Sun: Earth, 3D-mapped projection and movement performance, The Vortex Dome,
            Downtown LA, CA

2014    Fairies Wear Boots, commission for performance & character creation for
            video projections, Black Sabbath 2014-2015 Tour, International

2014    Moop Squad, performance troupe, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Bradley, CA

2013    Bastet, Human Canvas performance collaboration for Eye Level Studio,
            Images by David Gueringer, Published.

2013    Shifting Mayas, solo dance & performance projection installation collaboration
            with Shoghi Castel De Oro, Atwater Village, CA

2013    Remover of Obstacles, street performance installation, Downtown LA Artwalk, LA, CA

2013    Nudigenous: Army of Love, Solo Ritual Rites Performance, Vibiana Cathedral, LA, CA

2012    Remover of Obstacles, performance installation, BobberZunZun x DoArt Foundation,
            Topanga, CA

2012    Remover of Obstacles, guerilla performances and film, Coachella Valley Music and
            Arts Festival, Indio, CA

2011    Spell on You, solo ritual performance with Sunevil LC & guest musicians,
            King King, Hollywood, CA

2010    Nudigenous: Acts of Ritual Reprogramming, group choreographed & ritual theatre
            performance, San Francisco, CA

2020       Talisman COVID-19 Mask, mixed media, Autry Heritage Collection, Los Angeles, CA 

2019       In Nomine Babalon: 24K Menstrual Illuminations, ongoing series, mixed media

2018       Dusky Maiden of the South, mixed media

2017       Abram, woven and textile mixed media

2016       Of Crows & Nightingales Series, 24K detail and photo print on aluminum
                (photography by Aaron Paul Rogers)

2015       Maghfira, Lost Letters Group Show, Pitzer Colleges, Claremeont, CA

2015       Ya Mussawir, Ya Baree2, mural, downtown LA, CA

2014       Taxidermia Series, Uniforms Group Show, Linus Galleries, Pasadena, CA

2014       Neon Henna, Published in book ‘Duende’ by Sequoia Emmanuelle

2014       Taxidermia Series, FFF Group Exhibit, Irvine, CA

2014       Battles of Brimstone, public mural, Elwood Arts Complex, downtown LA, CA

2013       Eres Divina, ArtBeat 2013, LA, CA

2013       Mayya: Knowledge of the Waters, Shifting Mayas, LA, CA
                (curated by Shoghi Castel De Oro)

2013       Thuban, public mural installation, downtown LA, CA

2013       Eres Divina, Atwater Crossing Group Show, LA, CA

2013       Neon Henna, Editorial in Kismet Magazine UK, Issue 12, Oct 2012
                 (photography by Sequoia Emmanuelle)

2011       Pandora’s Trash, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA

2011       Pandora’s Trash, TRASHed Group Show, Freak City, Hollywood, CA

2011       Pandora’s Trash, First Place Award, Global Inheritance

2010       Global Hermit, Published piece and page in Latitude Magazine UK, Sep 2010


2021        Herstory of Henna, Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival
2021        Introduction to Muslim Magic, Barzakh Collective, Virtual Live Webinar

2020        Hermetic Qabalah: Through the Looking Glass, FLO International Virtual Conclave,
2019        Sacred Scripts: Mysteries of Hebrew, Arabic & Derived Written Scripts,
                Los Angeles, CA [gematria+calligraphy workshop+lecture]
2018        #MuslimMagick : Magickal Heritages of the Muslim Diaspora,
                Los Angeles, CA
2018        The Herstory of Henna: Community, Priestess, Ritual [workshop, lecture]
                Los Angeles, CA
2018        Introduction to Sufi Whirling, private group, Santa Barbara, CA
2016        The Herstory of Henna: Community, Priestess, Ritual [workshop, lecture],
                Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, San Francisco, CA
2017        The Herstory of Henna: Community, Priestess, Ritual [workshop, lecture],
                Makam Shekhinah, San Francisco, CA

2017        Sacred Scripts: Mysteries of Hebrew, Arabic & Derived Written Scripts
                [calligraphy workshop and lecture], Makam Shekhinah, San Francisco, CA

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