BINT is a musician and interdisciplinary artist currently based in New York. Working across sound, visual and performance art, BINT applies contemporary methods to the traditional multicultural technologies of her ancestries (Pakistani, Egyptian, American, etc). With a focus on inherited metaphysical tech, her practice is interested in the perennial role of the artist-mystic in cultural preservation and liberation work.

As a musician, BINT turns to a palette of dissonance, distortion, long-form drones and noise to access corresponding emotional states in herself and listeners–most known for her unusual approach to processed harmonium and multilingual vocals, through analog synthesis, pedals and cassette tape. In 2019, BINT released Katabasis: Act I, an EP applying dark ambient power electronics and Arabic mother tongue to her classical Hindustani vocal training. She has shown work internationally including performance art commissions for Black Sabbath, the Copro Gallery, Atelier de Mélusine and visual work at Coachella Music and Arts Festival. 

In 2020, she founded the Barzakh, a collective, podcast and educational platform focusing on the revival and reclamation of Islam’s rich heritage of the occult and metaphysics. While the group is currently on break, BINT still occasionally guest lectures and writes on the aforementioned topics—especially as it relates to communal and individual liberation work in the diasporic experience. Recent appearances and lectures are listed below and could be found in more depth on the NEWS page.

BINT is a current 2023 Artist-in-Residence with ISSUE PROJECT ROOM.