is a folk artist and witch-mage working across visual, sound and performance art.


Screening of ‘Mareekh’ Multimedia Talisman at the Astro Magia Conference

18 September 2021  ︎  Online

My multimedia installation titled Mareekh will be screening on Saturday evening as part of Astro Magia: A Symposium of Art, Academy, Philosophy, & Practice. I will also be speaking on the intricate process of constructing this multimedia talisman using both traditional and contemporary astro-magical methods.

✨ Tickets are available here. The 20% discount code MAGIA20 valid through July.✨

Presenting at the Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Symposium

1-3PM EDT on 14 August 2021  ︎  Online

I will be presenting a workshop at the Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Symposium. The roster and lineup is so exciting to be a part of. Full day and weekend tickets are available here. Click the image for direct class purchase.     SALEMSUMMERSYMPOSIUM.COM


Interview on The Cosmic Keys Podcast, S2 Ep24

15 April 2021  ︎  Global

This week I’m on episode 24 of the Cosmic Keys podcast, where we discuss a whole lot about growing up as Muslim in America, general Islamic (American) culture, Sufism, getting into magic, prepping for Ramadan and a topic I’m particularly fond of: working with the occult as an artist. It’s a long conversation. Available on all streaming podcast platforms, as well as the Youtube link below ︎︎︎

Performing with FemSynthLab for the Coaxial Media Arts Festival

19 March 2021  ︎  7PM pst Virtual on Twitch

I will be performing a set of A/V multimedia performances featuring a new distorted harmonium vocal piece that is an Arabic cover of the song Abschied by Nico (co-written and produced with Khaled Saadi), followed by a set of live modulation of droning and distorted ouds. 

The last portion of my set I will be showing a new cassette tape installation titled “For the Women Girt with the Sword”. More information and outtakes of the installation could be found here.

Curated by FemSynthLab as part of the month-long Coaxial Media Arts Festival.

On ‘Rune Soup Podcast’ with Gordon White

2 February 2021  ︎   Worldwide!

I’m on this week’s Rune Soup with Gordon White! My first non-music podcast interview.

For the first time—actually ever—I go into a good amount about my early life and how I got into magic and art. It was quite a chat that was mainly autobiographical: Growing up Muslim American, mystical experiences that led me to the Western Mysteries, Sufi travels, plant medicine, and much more. 

Full YT interview is below. For later listening or on-the-go below are links for streaming on all of your favorite podcast platforms. ︎  ︎  ︎

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