Experimental DJ Set on Ghorba at Dublab Radio

14 October 2021  ︎  Los Angeles / New York
A special experimental DJ set airing Thursday, October 14th 10pm PST / 1 AM EST on Dublab Radio for Ghorba. 

This experimental mix was compiled in the wake of mourning the most recent 2021 (and ongoing) atrocities in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah, Beirut, Afghanistan and Artsakh. The pacing and mood accurately conveys my year’s wide range of emotions – through the harsh lens of diasporic dissonance living here in the States.

Blessings and protection for freedom fighters everywhere. May justice, freedom and peace prevail. آمين يا رب العالمين

#experimental      #diasporic_dissonance       #hauntology

  • Mawal Jbalena - Sabah
  • Nomad - Hiro Kone ft travis 
  • Aid for Sex - Niloufar Nourbaksh (from Hildegard Competition Winners Comp) 
  • سرزمین من Sarzamine Mann - Begin and Samin Bolouri
  • Gaza - Hala Alyan 
  • Dreams of the Imagination - Sandy Chamoun 
  • Chargah - Arash Pandi - X Fairouz - Lebeirut [BINT Remix Mashup]
  • Farewell, Warden - SarrSew
  • Qalaq 3 - Jerusalem in My Heart ft Moor Mother
  • Kilikia - Zabelle Panosian 
  • Salam - Maral
  • Agalma VII  Drew McDowall ft Toyor El Janeh ft. Bashar Suleiman, Elvin Brandhi & MSYLMA) 
  • Zoom Stairs - Leila [BINT Cassette Nostalgia Mashup]
  • Babulale - Farhad Darya [BINT Chopped&Screwy Bachim Edit]
  • No One Is There (BBC Peel Version 1971) - Nico