“Hermetic Qabalah: Through the Looking Glass” Presentation for FLO International Virtual Conclave

15 November 2020  ︎  Virtual 

I was asked to present on Hermetic Qabalah as a part of the FLO international Virtual Conclave this past weekend (Fraternitas LVX Occulta). It was a tall feat to fit such a vast (and usually dry) subject of Qabalah into 30-ish minutes to an international audience of a very mixed background.

I must say it came together quite nicely.

Video recording coming soon.


✨A brief de-mystifying dive into the complex, fascinating system of Hermetic Qabalah. We’ll trace the tradition across time, space and cultures to find out how it has become so central to the Western Mystery Traditions + practical applications as to why a solid foundation in Qabalah can be useful – even crucial – for the modern magician of any path.✨