‘Fairies Wear Boots’, 2013
Performance Art
Costume Design
Commission Work

‘Fairies Wear Boots’

Director of photography: Aaron Paul Rogers
Photography: Aaron Paul Rogers
Costume design: Bint Al-Shalabiya
Performer: Bint Al-Shalabiya

Commission to create a costume and character for the legendary song “Fairies Wear Boots”.

Video and photography footage was used in on-stage projections for Black Sabbath’s international tour 2013-2014.

Custom full face gas mask was embellished and studded by hand with mixed media including chains, leather, genuine snake skin, rubber, rhinestones, spikes, rivets and a variety of metal accoutrements. 

Video clips below (in order of appearance) are from Summer Tour shows in: Sydney, Australia (2014), Porto Alegro, Brazil (2013), Woodland, TX, USA (2013).

Product Photos

In 2014, THUBAN Collection was launched through accessory line ‘Garb’ of limited edition eyewear, half face respirators and leather accessories – using a similar aesthetic. Below are select examples of a few styles of the collection along with an example of promotional material.

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