NTS Radio Guest Mix & Interview 

13 August 2020  ︎  Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of joining host Sasha Ali on the August episode of the Miss Modular show on NTS Radio. We discuss a range of things including my fascination with the harmonium, how I got into music, as well as a little bit on my practices as a Sufi witch. I close out the the last 30 minutes of the episode with my Middle Eastern industrial drone set. Enjoy 🖤

     #Middle Eastern    #industrrial   #drone    #techno


  • Mutamassik - Hearts Blink their Morse Code
  • BINT - Left on Saturn St.
  • Jerusalem in My Heart - Granular Buzuk
  • Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa - Way Of Deception
  • El Mahdy Jr - Ghost Tapes A Side
  • JK Flesh & Echologist - Fleshology 2
  • Muslimgauze - Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand