MIXTAPE 01: Hunting Our Daughters

29 September 2018  

This mixtape was a means to help process my rage and grief over the recent brutal murders of Nia Wilson (age 18), Nabra Hassanen (age 17) and the many other daughters who die nameless, hunted down daily in our own backyards. Never "enough evidence" for a hate crime. Their names discarded as trending hashtags. The mass media silencing of our grieving communities. Hitting very close to home as white supremacists on my block have been feeling comfortable again in numbers.

This week's Kavanaugh hearings stirred up conversations and buried memories of assault, shame, and silence in women across the country. As many of us relived very traumatic experiences, we were shown in a very dramatic and very real reminder how this country and system is not and never has been for us.

Enough is enough.
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