is a folk artist and witch-mage working across visual, sound and performance art.


Martial Talisman Instruction Guide

Greetings and congratulations on being one of five owners of an original print (1 / 5 editions) of Mareekh مريخ, a reproduction of the multimedia Martial talisman piece created by Bint Al-Shalabiya in Winter 2020 — Spring 2021 / 1422 Hijri year.

Below you will find the accompanying resources for your original Martial print and bundle. Enjoy & please use responsibly ︎

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Digital PDF Manual Guide

︎︎︎ Cassette Tape

 Side ♀ ر  Mixtape Tracklist

      1.   Múm 

                     Green Grass Of Tunnel
      2.   Brian Eno  

                     Under Stars
      3.   Nicolas Jaar

      4.   Sonic Youth

                     Jean-Baptiste Et Laetitia
      5.   Nils Frahm


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