Mothers of my Mother: أمهات أمي
Durational Performance
Body Art
Sound Art
Ritual Operation
Altar Installation

أمهات أمي - Mothers of my Mother (Mars in Cancer), 2021

Running time 17 mins, 29 sec
Durational performance using contact microphones, tattoo needles, henna

⚠️ CONTENT WARNING: Blood, needles, imagery of self “harm”

Durational piece in which I live-sampled audio recordings through my skin of a ritual offering to my matrilineal ancestors. This piece was the final culmination of a week-long astrologically-informed ritual working of remediations to appease my restless matrilineal dead ancestors. 

This piece was born from a professional consultation with astrologer, Sasha Ravitch in which she picked out a set of five key Martial election dates for my Mars-centric project, the Mareekh talisman installation. One unusual date and timing stood out strongly—in relationship to my chart— that was specifically supported for necromantic Martial workings and phlebotomy.


Project was co-produced by C.R. Sanders, who also assisted with cameras. C.R. also played a key collaborative role in brainstorming, planning and setup. Project shot at Widow’s Son Productions in Los Angeles.

Tattoo Artist:
Christos Tejada
Astrologer/Consultant: Sasha Ravitch
Co-Producer/Cameras: C.R. Sanders

Special additional thanks to:

Laura Ellis - consultation and divination
Langston Kahn - ancestral shamanic sessions
Dr. Al Cummins - Ancestral Work course and info
Crank Sturgeon - contact microphones
J.M. Hamade - consultation

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