As an experimental musician and sound artist, Bint resides in the lower ranges of the frequency spectrum, finding solace in layers of heavy distortion, warm noise & static to express emotions drawn from the mystical, haunted, in-between spaces. The spaces of the exiled, the forgotten, the other-ed. Inspired by untold lives of the desecrated feminine, her work often channels their stories using eroded cassette tapes, treated harmonium, pedals, vocals and field recordings.


In 2020, Bint released her debut EP, Katabasis: Act I, applying experimental dark ambient power electronics and Arabic mother tongue, to her classical Indian vocal training. 

The EP is a selection of early tracks written and recorded by بنت between 2015-2019 using a tanpura, harmonium, Korg MS20, Roland TR8-S, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, field recordings, cassette samples, vocals.  ︎

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Mixes and past live DJ sets are archived on Mixcloud, including appearances on NTS Radio and Dublab.