As an experimental musician and sound artist, Bint resides in the lower ranges of the frequency spectrum, finding solace in layers of heavy distortion, warm noise & static to express emotions drawn from the mystical, haunted, in-between spaces. The spaces of the exiled, the forgotten, the other-ed. Inspired by untold lives of the desecrated feminine, her work often channels their stories using eroded cassette tapes, treated harmonium, pedals, vocals and field recordings.


In 2020, Bint released Katabasis: Act I on Dross label, an EP applying experimental dark ambient power electronics and Arabic mother tongue, to her classical Indian vocal training. 

The EP is a selection of early tracks written and recorded by بنت between 2015-2019 using a tanpura, harmonium, Korg MS20, Elektron Digitakt, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, field recordings, cassette samples, vocals.  ︎

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Mixes and past live DJ sets are archived on Mixcloud, including appearances on NTS Radio and Dublab.

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