Shame عيب Banishing Candle

Thank you for purchasing a candle from the Solve et Coagula: تسويد Blackening capsule collection.

These spell candles were created as an extension of my personal self-care journey endeavoring on this project— to assist in the releasing of shame. Different from banishing external energies (evil eye, spirits, etc), these candles were created to assist in banishing emotional energies held in one’s own field.

Shame is a unique type of belief-pattern looped in our subconscious. While there are many shared areas, shame is different from guilt and embarassment [click here for resource guide download written by Brené Brown, an expert on the subject].

Venus + Saturnine energies pushed to the forefront as prominent energies in the birthing of these candles. The scent of the consecrated oils give off a very palpable, voluptuous buffer cloud of safe space for this level of emotional journeying—if you wish to go there. 

Hand-poured in Queens, NY by Sarah Jezebel Wood of Lovi Artes.

During various day and night hours of Venus in Saturn, Saturn in Venus, which happened to include the evening of the full moon in Pisces. Final blessings were done in the 2nd lunar mansion of Al-Butayn on the first night of Ramadan.

Each candle was intuitively selected for each of you.


︎ Soy + Parrafin wax
︎ Myrrh oil, from Sudan + Tunisia
︎ Sandalwood oil, from Tunisia
︎ Red sandalwood oil, from Mysore, India
︎ Consecrated Harmal (Syrian Rue), from Damascus
︎ 3 pieces of gold sheen obsidian
︎ Consecrated glass evil eye charm in the bottom of the candle
︎ Gold foil topping (”Gold comes from the North aka the darkest quarter”)

WARNING! DO NOT leave the candle unattended!  This is a spell candle, with various ingredients embedded in the wax. The charmed nature of the candle adds to the potential volatility, such as creating slightly unexpected flame activity (sparks, pops, etc). Please be smart and use a safe candle holder and surface, far away from anything flammable. Do not leave unattended or unsupervised!

Remove the sticker label from the bottom after scanning it.

Ritual Use Suggestions

Make edits as you feel fit.

︎  Have a safe, fireproof dish, surface or candle holder ready.
︎  Commune with the energy of the candle. I like to begin with warmly greeting and thanking the ingredients.
︎  Beginning with bismillahi rahman ar-raheem will create resonance with the energies of the prayers held in the candle. Pronunciation and audio linked here.
︎  Light the candle
︎  Meditate on any emotions and memories of shame you would like to release.

Writing: While in meditation, write out any feelings and memories that come up. Feel free to write in any format, inks, directions, special papers that feel right for you.

Images: Another method is to create a sigil or symbol that capture all of the shame memories that are coming up. You could draw this symbol out and project all of the shame feelings that come up onto the symbol. This symbol could be carved into the top or side of the candle or written on a paper.

︎  Speak what you would like released into the flame of the candle.
︎  Place the paper with either writing or image symbol beneath the candle.
︎  When the wax burns down, you will be left with an evil eye charm and 3 obsidian pieces. These could be used as you wish for your own protection, wardings, or just simply memento of this release.
︎  Any wax remains could be discarded in a trash outside of your home or reheated to melt further into oblivion.

All packaging materials could be recycled! 

Would love to see and hear about your experiences, tags, messages, etc!