Performance Art
Durational Performance

Tracking, 2021

Site specific performance using menstrual blood and water
Running length 21 minutes

Site specific durational performance piece tracking a mixture of the artist’s menstrual blood and water around a central ritual offering. This piece was a cathartic active meditation during a week the artist received a bittersweet mix of praises and threats online.

An active meditation on the potential danger for those living an ‘other-ed’ life, to leave behind our footprint traces as we navigate the world. A risk so worth it when it leads kin to you. Even if it’s centuries after we’re gone. 👣

An active meditation on the traces of what we leave behind in our little blip of time here. Proof we existed and what we were about. Perhaps someone who comes after us will find these tracks and carry on where we left off? To tell the stories our flesh couldn’t at the time. And the cycles continue. Thinking on the women who’ve come before me whose stories and work I draw upon from the well of the Imaginal, where all things are recorded– but whose names are lost to the sands of time.👣

An active meditation on the tracks of a woman’s* footprint. The terror of feeling hunted, stalked, preyed upon. How leaving the house in a woman’s body, and for some even in their own homes, is a liability, a target. Thinking on the universality of this violence, both personally witnessed and heard accounts of from women I’ve known around the world. 👣