أمهات أمي Ancestral Altar (Mothers of my Mother)
Installation Altar
Ritual Operation

أمهات أمي Ancestral Altar, 2021

Mixed media altar installation of ink, hair, candles, glass, henna, incense, flowers, food, silver, aluminum, water, quartz crystals, wood, wax, silk. 
Los Angeles, CA

Altar was installed as part of Mother of my Mothers performance ritual working. For information on that project visit this separate page ︎︎︎

An ancestral altar installation was installed the evening prior to the performance working with all of the ancestral essentials, traditional foods and some of their favorite requested offerings to appease, remediate and soothe them during the operation especially with the excessive inflammatory Martial activity.

Installation consisted of offering made of fresh flowers, candles, incenses, rose water, a family Quran, braided hair and variety of traditional foods and sweets that were cooked in the kitchen of my mother. These were presented in containers of heirloom silver and crystal glassware and jewelery also from my mother’s house.

Food offerings included fresh baklava from a local neighborhood bakery, extra buttery and starchy couscous from my mother’s pantry, cooked on her stove, dates from Madina topped with rosemary from my mother’s herb garden, frankincense and amber incense I brought back from Egypt and Morrocco, among other personal items and mementos.

Project was co-produced by C.R. Sanders and shot at Widow’s Son Productions in Los Angeles. 

Co-Producer: Chris Sanders
Cameras: Bint
Special additional thanks to:

Laura Ellis - consultations and divination
Dr. Al Cummins - Ancestral Work course and info
J.M. Hamade - consultation

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